Curriculum Vitae

MgA. Tereza Damcová

I was born 6 .5. 1977 in Brno, Czech Republic.
In 1960 I was graduated from SUŘ (High School of Art Crafts ), Brno.
In 2005 I received MgA. degree from FAVU, VUT Brno (Faculty of Fine Arts, VUT Brno), where I studied in Atelier of Graphic Arts lead by academic painter Margita Titlova.
My thesis was The Magic Doll.
During my studies I communicated with Vaclav Stratil in the band Leos von fashion.
In 2005 I started my PhD.studies at Mendel University, ZF, Brno.
My theme is the Magic Garden.
Starting from 2004 I act as a performer, narrator and graphic artist of the audiovisual experimental group Materidouska (Thyme). I present here the BubaMagicDoll (Bubacka) in pictures and music. I deal with drawings, paintings, graphic arts, performances, creation of artefacts, objects and audiovisual installations.
I am inspired by variability of reality and dreams, magic world of children mind, jumps into winter fire pools and sprint along snowy landscape of an airport.
I am interested in fairy-tales, myths, fables, legends and the authors who work with dreams.

Audiovisual installations:

2002 Exciting world
2003 The fairy-tale for a little boy
2003 The Heart
2004 Christmas disco
2004 si doG ehT

Performances, objects, artefacts:

2001 Chinese noodles
2001 The Canary
2003 – 2005 The Buba MagicDoll (dream stories in drawings, photo collages, prints, artefacts)

Own exhibitions:

1996 Bunkr, Brno
1996 Nuclear Plants, Dukovany
1997 Moravian Gallery, Na strojirne, Brno
1999 Moravian Gallery, Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine
2004 Desert, Brno

Group Exhibitions:

2001 Gallery Doubner, Prague
2002 Roxy Nood, Prague
2003 Gallery Klenova, Klatovy
2003 Gallery of Critiques, Prague
2003 House of Arts, Brno
2005 Gallery AVU (Academy of Fine Arts), Prague
2005 Gallery Brno